Copywriting with Personality

Copy that is truly You

I uncover your business vision and unique personality to create copy so distinctively you, it feels like a download from your brain.

Ricki Standing at her computer with gold background

You’re a go-getter and have researched what you “should do” for your website, emails, and ads… but trying to do it feels like the life is literally being drained out of you.

Take a breath,

I’ve got you friend

If you can’t seem to get what’s in your mind out on paper, and it’s stressing you out, you aren’t alone.

Contrary to what it looks like online, you don’t have to be a one-woman Swiss army knife of marketing to survive and thrive in business.

I help you tease out all those thoughts, hopes, and dreams stuck in your brain.

I guide you in getting clear on what actually matters to your business, how to position what you offer, and to get words that feel true all the way to your soul.

That is true authenticity and it will light your audience up.

Imagine the relief of finally having what you’ve envisioned for your website, emails, and ads

Copy that converts and sounds just like you!
I Need That!

Short & Sweet of what I do

Words that finally let your beautiful/bold/loving/sassy/inspired/zen… personality bust out.

I help position your offer with words that are truly authentic to YOU, so your ideal audience can see themselves reflected in your message, and are excited to connect and support you ($)!

Website Copy

Your story, in your voice. Highlighting benefits and showing off features of your offers. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression on your potential customer, make sure your copy is authentic and gets high marks for conversion optimization.

Marketing Strategy

I love showing clients how to get the most out of their copy project by explaining how it fits into a larger overall strategy to bring in more buyers and to keep existing customers coming back for all your offers.

Email Sequences

Welcoming or re-engaging subscribers, launching a new product/service, sales funnels move people through a journey to catalyze action. 96% of website visitors don’t buy immediately; emails create trust, then presenting the offer, can seal the deal.

Copy Editing

If you’ve got existing copy that no longer shines like you, I can provide a refresh that really reflects where you are at now in your business. People tend not to trust websites that look like it’s been a long time since an update.

Sales Pages

When you’ve got products or services that require more set-up and story, or are a higher investment, a sales page can be the tool that provides the legitimacy and the “can’t afford not to” reasoning to get your customers to jump to break out their card.

Social Media

Customers often first find you on social media, and they won’t investigate further if your copy is poor. I write copy in your voice to increase “likes” and follows, so social media algorithms will give you more exposure.

The World’s Best Clients

I’ve gotten to work with truly passionate business owners who have up-leveled their marketing with professionally-written, personality-filled copy that connects to their ideal clients bringing in leads, building authority, and closing more sales.

I’ll let them tell you about it…

“When I started my business and created my own website, cutting my copy down to a flowing and concise text that could be read in a digestible manner was difficult. I tried to slim it down but was still left with SO much, I was just too attached to my own creative process! This made Ricki’s copywriting services so valuable to me since I was able to trust her to revamp my site into a page that made much more sense to the consumer without losing the integrity of my mission or the tone of my own voice. Highly recommend her services!”

Brynn Seaton

Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Small Hill Nutritional Therapy and Wellness

Ricki was able to help put together the vision for our brand that has lived in my heart and in my brain, but I was not able to share it with the world in my own words. Any person that reads the work Ricki has done for us will clearly understand that same vision I have always had for our brand! Ricki’s copywriting has become my branding secret sauce! I didn’t even know copywriting was a service that I needed, and now I believe this service is absolutely essential!”

Jess Newsome

Owner, Ascent Organic Farm

“Ricki was a huge help. I honestly felt like I didn’t do much on my part, she just saw what needed to be done and went after it! Having everything on my website updated and more user friendly for my customers will be a huge help. The welcome email sequence will be great for keeping the customers informed with what’s to come with Kenai Kombucha. Ricki is quick with her work and has lots of great ideas for improvement with the business. I look forward to her help with emails in the future as well!”

Devon Gonzalez

Owner, Kenai Kombucha

“Working with Ricki was super easy. She is thoughtful, a good listener, kind, and has great intuition. Our business will absolutely benefit from having our story told by Ricki. Working with her has been such a smooth process. Her organization and explainer videos were so easy and took away the stress and fears we had. Her professionalism and good judgement is just what we needed. We look forward to future projects and referring her to friends and family.”

Lisa Ronan & Paula Rego

Co-Owners, Happy Go Lucky Pet Care

Feel hella proud of the words that represent your brand (and you!)


I can take you there

My 5-step Brain Download™ Framework brings you clarity on your brand identity now and helps us chart the course for where you are headed in the future.

I infuse your magical goodness into your copy so it’s truly you, truly unique, while being optimized for conversion. Win, win!

Hey there, I’m Ricki.

Bravely facing down challenges, from international scientific research expeditions to solo house renovations, I’m fiercely dedicated to living an outstanding life, and not afraid of a learning curve or taking risks to accomplish my goals.

With razor-sharp research skills and a gift for bold language, I craft high-quality, fluff-free copy in your brand’s authentic voice to drive conversions, increase profits, and help you achieve your business dreams – so you can live your own outstanding life.

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